Monday, August 13, 2018

Just As Well...

That none of you came to the jazz club meeting yesterday afternoon.  Nannette and the Hotsy-Totsy guys showed up, ready to perform in their dark pants and black t-shirts made to look like a tuxedo top, details outlined in white.  I had been looking at the  phone when Our Star made her entrance and I blurted out, "Is that a birthday cake up on stage?" and Richie said, "No,but  I think a chandelier fell on her head though."  She was wearing a Cleopatra-style tinsel wig.  Her sequined ice-blue gown fitted her snugly and she made frequent, eloquent use of the 6 ft. long feather boa that accompanied all of the above.

Nannette apparently took one look at her audience and dialed it down considerably and I don't blame her - who's going to kill themselves for a 48-member audience?  That's how few we were.  June, July and August are always slow due to vacations elsewhere, guests arriving in waves (especially to homes less than a mile from the beach) and so forth.

Thus there was no parasol parade and very little "bounce" to Nannette, mainly some half-hearted wriggling seductively.

Dismayed, but understanding the circumstances, we sought to console ourselves with a libation at Hudson House, 514 N. PCH, Redondo.

Because it was early, we got a booth (of only two; the rest are little tables against the long wall and stand-up seating in the middle.)  Richie ordered a Hudson Pale Ale and when he discovered they are $3 the half pint, ordered another to go with his brown sugar pork ribs ($15.)   I contented myself with a flute of Mont Marcal Cava $9 - to go with my  brown sugar ribs.

To go with our drinks, we split an order of black pepper French fries ($5) which were a new choice to us as  haven't been in there in ages.   Black pepper instead of great swashes of salt are a very good idea.  They come with catsup or mayo in little cups.  Thus, some of our disappointment was slaked.  Further cheer - leftover ribs and black pepper French fries for dinner tomorrow night.  

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