Thursday, August 9, 2018

So Now What?

Five days ago, the router that drives the upstairs PC and the downstairs work computer, took a dump on me.  (Unofficial Computer Phrase)  Because I am too bone idle lazy to write a 400+ word column on the child-sized cell phone keyboard, I said (to myself) "The hell with it."

Which was killing me because I was dying to tell local readers  about Maderos' restaurant.  I believe that when you find something good, share it!  Posthaste!

Tuesday the new one arrived from Frontier and the next morning with a minimum of effort (and bad language) it was working.

I was thrilled!  I could write lengthy es and the Madero column.

Today, however, is different.  For all of my much vaunted joy I can't think of a single thing to write about today.  The media has been singularly inoffensive for this while and I am not even moved to mild indignation let alone raging fury.  Maybe it's the humidity.  

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