Thursday, July 19, 2018

It's Summer! Who Cares?

The practice of this column is to be amusing and educational - the latter if at all possible.  Every day that we all learn something new is a bonus day and should be appreciated.  Or so I believe.

Unfortunately, nothing has magically appeared in the various newspapers and oddities columns that I glean daily looking for something, anything to amuse others.  The sound of laughter is one of the nicest ones to me.

Can't write about life in this house because I don't think anyone would really give a rat's ass that the two club chairs sent out for reupholstering came back yesterday and I love them or that Streak the cat really objected to taking her oral drug and hooked her claws into my left fore arm and ripped about 1.5 sq. in. of skin open  down my arm.  As the blood began to swell, I looked with interest.  "So that's what under the skin looks like!"  For those who do not want to peel back a layer of skin to see for themselves, it's small white knobblies (fat?) on a pink background.

For a professional bandage and a look-see at the damage, ambled over  to Urgent Care where the doctor freaked about a wound due to a cat's claw and prescribed a anti-bacterial drug 3X a day for seven days.

Assessing yesterday's events - good:  chairs!  Bad:  cat scratch.  Since the chairs will last considerably longer than the healing, I'd say it was a profitable day.   And (thankfully) a dull one.

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