Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Brief Paper on the Efficacy of Protest Marches

Condensed:  they don't work and change nothing.

General philosophy:  a good showing of sign waving protestors is nice, but sustained action more than the 15 minutes of media fame are what is needed.

October 2017 The Pussy Hat protestors refused to pick up their trash.  Better still - 400,000 environmentalists in NY left tons of trash.  Environmentalists.

Richmond, VA, hosted some kind of protest about Confederacy statues - "Pull'em all down!" and the City paid:
$570,000 for security
$84,280 for body cameras
$14,982 chain link to enclose and safeguard the statue
$822.50 for 250 Chick-fil-A sandwiches for the on-duty police.

A Berkeley official noted that protest costs to the city in 2017 topped $1 million which this notable said, "Meant we didn't get that money for housing, medical care of indigents, etc."

The only things useful about a protest march (ed. writer's opinion) is if you can get close enough to a TV camera, some of your blood lust to be on camera will be satisfied, however temporarily; and/or your doctor has prescribed longish walks for you.

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