Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Very Short Read and Some Unusual Obituaries

Where to begin …

Midnight Confessions by Stephen Colbert  $19.95
This is the brief book by a comedian who admits that what he's done is basically turned a bunch of one-liners into two pages per joke.  I quote:  "When I put together this book, I asked God for inspiration.  When that didn't work, I used a large font and wide margins."  He wasn't kidding.

Selected travel tidbits:

"I've never joined the Mile-High Club, but I am in the Greyhound Bus Terminal Utility Closet Guild."

"I think income inequality is one of America's greatest problems … until they bring me that little hot towel in First Class."

"You know how on airplanes they have that Secure your oxygen mask before helping others rule?  I don't need to be told that."

Eye-catching Obituaries
Daily Breeze, 7-15-18
Delores Skjervern 8/17/1934 - 6/29/2018
Born a farm girl in Petersburg, ND, ...passed away while on safari in Tanzania with family.  Reading further "She died after a long but rewarding day in the Ngorongoro Crater."

James F, Scasserra Jimmy "Jet"
Hearts are breaking everywhere with the shocking news and unexpected death of the man, the myth, the legend - Jimmy Jet, 67, at home in Tucson, AZ.

Born May 6, 1951, Jimmy was blessed with a handsome façade, ice-blue eyes, big heart, superior intelligence and wit and a memory like no other and a wicked sense of humor.  (here follows a long list of presumably relatives complete with nicknames)  He will be missed by all.  This is not a ploy to avoid creditors, bookies or old girlfriends."  
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