Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Or Less Back To Work

Almost back-to-back I came across two great business names.  Both were clearly not intended to be taken seriously.

Might I interest you in shares of Vulture Investments?  Apparently,  this is the kind of firm where the principals sit up in the tall timber, rifles at the ready, waiting to pick off the slowest and most infirm of the herd passing below.  

Sounds a little mean?  Kind of turns your stomach to shoot at anything?  Yeah, me, too.

This may cheer though - it is a delivery service for party animals called "Foam Home" and it brings kegs of the lovely brown beverage right to your very own front door.  Avoid getting hammered and driving drunk to get your own keg; Foam Home instead!  

Continuing the Richie Report - the Physical Therapy lady came and ran him through some exercises, said he was doing quite well; took him outdoors and walked him and brought him back.  She was pleased with him; reassured him that after five days of anti-biotics, his pneumonia is no longer contagious.  Another nurse will be coming; they like to be absolutely sure patients are not having a relapse of any kind particularly as there are four strains of the flu and the shot efficacy is only 10 per cent.    Or as some would label it:  worthless.  And so this overcast Tuesday afternoon, all is well.  1/16/18

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