Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Dubious Statistics

Not to call bullshit on which has so cheerfully allowed me to write this column since 2008.  But in truth I find what follows amazing, if actually true.  Since I have no idea how they arrived at these numbers, let us both surge forward in blind faith, shall we? 

I want to say hello and thank you to these readers in their own language.

Ciao y grazi! to all 228 of you in Italy.

Privet i spasibo to all 131 of you in Russia

Ahn-young Kahm-sah-hal-knee-dah to the 11 of you in South Korea

Ukraine - to the 11 of you there privet i spasybo

Bonjour et merci to the 11 of you in France

G'day and cheers to the 10 New Zealanders

"Oh-lah obrigandoh (men) obrigadah-dah (women) of Portugal

Hello and thank you, eh to the 3 of you in Canada

Hola y gracias! to the 3 of you in Spain

Hello and dank je to the 3 of you in the Netherlands

I congratulate all of you whose first language is not English.    And I thank you all very much.

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