Friday, January 26, 2018

Beyond Rude - 'Way past Insulting and Oh! Politics As Usual

Which is surprising because this insult is coming from an internationally famous art museum which, in this case, is the Guggenheim.

Nancy Spector, Chief Curator, of the Guggenheim took it upon herself to deny the Trumps' request to have "Landscape With Snow" painted by Van Gogh in 1888, hanging in the private quarters of the White House, a treat and a privilege routinely offered to all of the White House incumbents during their stay in it.

In a show of ignorance and bias hitherto fore unseen - even in Washington. DC,  - Spector not only turned down a White House request, a snub of no mean proportions, she then offered instead a work called "America" created by Maurizio Cattelan for installation and use in the White House.

What is "America"? you ask?  A solid gold, fully functioning TOILET.

And this is a  perfect example of the mind of the devout Liberal. "Oooh - that'll show 'em!  A gold toilet!  Take that!"

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