Saturday, October 15, 2016

Voter Fraud Doesn't Have to be Inevitable

That is if the rising tide of sewage rushing us through the gutters at a rapidly accelerating speed toward the open ocean to pollute it, too (Calling Al Gore) doesn't deter us from voting on November 8th.

There has been a great deal of noise about how NON-PC it is to demand that everyone with the temerity to actually get up off the couch and trundle their weary way down to the polls to vote has to show a picture I.D.   The screams and squawks of such as the ACLU about the ripping away of personal information just to vote have been horrendous. 

If you're not voting for the second or third time and you are actually, in fact, alive and not moldering in some quiet Kansas cemetery, what's the big deal?  Have you ever tried to board a plane without picture I.D.?  Did you turn down having your photo on your drivers license?  (Good luck with that one, incidentally.) 

As with most things in politics "much ado about nothing at all." 

As a fervent and permanently suspicious eyer of the Presidential votes, I plan to bring my passport to the polls and make a point of showing that I did.  (Assuming loud voice)  "Yes, I really am Nina Murphy and HERE'S MY PASSPORT TO PROVE IT."   This isn't going to have much of an impact at our polls, populated as they are with decent (for the most part,) middle-class God-fearing people, but it will quietly make me feel better.  . 

The other thing I read requires a certain finesse to carry off without getting shot, but with prudence, a good watching place and a cell phone camera, you should be okay.  Here's the situation:  as you entered the polls, you saw a school bus or minivan parked in the lot.  As you vote, you notice several people that "don't belong" (which is any definition you care to use.)  As they exit, take a shot of them boarding the bus.

Fire up your old Hupmobile and follow the bus.  If it goes to the next polling place and the passengers debark, shoot pictures of it.  Notify the police and your local newspaper. It would be prudent to have the dispatcher number and the news desk of the paper on speed dial. 

Go home with a happy glow.  You've done your bit to stop voter fraud. 

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