Wednesday, October 26, 2016

HURRY - Only 3 Shopping Days Left!

Don't disappoint your cat!  Saturday, October 29th is National Cat Day, created by animal activist Colleen Paige in 2005.  The International Cat Day was designated by the International Fund for Animal Welfare on August 8, 2002.

History now behind us, what can we buy for the cat?  I went looking - we have three cats and there are only two of us.  You can see where being outnumbered could lead to retributions of an ugly sort involving "missed" litter boxes, hairballs expelled in various notably delicate places ...  Best to acquiesce. 

The Cat Genie 120 is $240 and is a fully automatic cat toilet.  It looks like a bidet.  The washable gravel (part of the process) is in the basin.  What happens - cat wanders in, does its business and saunters insouciantly away, not even bothering to do the otherwise mandatory scritch scritch to hide the scent from other cats with whom they have been living for the past 14 years.

Whammo - the cat toilet goes in to action.  A shallow scooper darts out and down under the gravel, retrieving waste material which is dropped in a box.  Inside the box chemicals dissolve the natural result of a can of food and it is flushed away.  Meanwhile, another pipe (hooked to your cold water dispenser, flushes the gravel and a dryer pops out and dries it!  I could almost spend $200 just to see it work.  Almost.

Other lesser treats include:

Bone Broth with Tumeric* - a liquid treat for cats and dogs (presumably different doses) 5 oz. for $13.71.

The fainting couch/scratch pad shaped to resemble a Dachshound.   This is a divan for Ms. Kitty's lounging enjoyment and, if she wakes up pissed off at something, she can scratch the hell out of it.  $28.99

The DJ scratch pad - printed as if it was a turntable with the record arm serving as a push toy.  $35

A cat camera - video that clips on to the cat's collar for a "cat's eye" view of their world.  This might actually be interesting.  But once would be enough; might try to rig up a harness for the smart phone's camera...and patent it and sell it. 

"Cat Dreams" is a video described by the vendors as "cat porn" and I was momentarily startled until I read further that it is mice running away from capture and little birdies tweeting tweeting for $13.50  Here's the alarming part - it runs for an hour and a half! 

Verging further into something vaguely sinister, you and your cat can now toke up - the cat's are catnip-stuffed "joints" that look to be made of white terrycloth.  3 for $10.

Cosmic Catnip Bubbles $5.99 for a bottle.  You blow the bubbles, the cat chases and pops them.

And finally, the Harry & David Fruit of the Month revamped for a cat from KitNipBox - every month, a box arrives with toys and edible treats for the cat.  $19 to $29.

*  Tumeric for a cat didn't sound right to me, but I figured if they were selling it, it must be okay because the ensuing lawsuits if it wasn't would put them out of business.

"Mr. December," a friend and fellow cat fancier,  wrote to say that he thought turmeric would have a deleterious effect on the cat's interior, specifically bowel movements. 

Caveat emptor.

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