Saturday, October 22, 2016

Upgrading the Thanksgiving Family Gathering

Town and Country suggests renting a Caribbean villa for the extended family holiday.  I don't know if turkeys are native there so perhaps it would be a good idea to bring one in an ice chest just to be safe.  Normally I wouldn't advise trying to bring an ice-chested turkey on board a commercial flight, but, of course, you'll be floating in on your own G5 so, no worries.

"What's that, you say?  'I didn't fly all the way here to cook a damn' turkey!'"  Dahling, these places have a chef either in residence or on call.

T & C offers four villas as an indication of "typical" for rents.  I pass this along to you, individual costs factored in.

Turks and Caicos - "Hawksbill" with 10 bedrooms to accommodate 22 guests.  For your amusement - a hot tub, tennis court, game room, pool and arranged snorkels at a natural reef.
$68,250 for a week or $3,102 per guest for the week or $443 per night. 

Anguilla - "The Beach House" with 8 bedrooms to house 16 people.  There is a chef, theater, game room, tennis court and pool plus the dubious distinction of having been Justin Bieber's Christmas retreat last year.  $75,000 or $4,687 per week; $700/night.

Anguilla - "Cerulean Villa" with 9 bedrooms, a staff of 18, a putting green, yoga classes, tennis lessons, water sports and a full-service spa - your rental includes 30 hours of treatments.  $175,000 per per week;  $9,722 per person per week or $1,388 per night figuring 18 guests (with 18 staff.)

St. Bart's  "Danse De Lune" - "is so secluded that you can swim nude" (lap pool provided) for $8,000 per week for four people -  $2,000 week; $285/night.  Main selling point for some of us:  Children under 10 years of age are barred from staying here.

On a personal note, I am still kicking myself for not exploring the ad I once saw in a Palm Springs real estate sales brochure - a six unit motel with a pool and manager's apartment for, if memory serves, $200,000. How perfect would that be for entertaining?  Everyone would have their own bathroom and the units could be divided as to "smoking" and "non-smoking" so no unnecessary ugliness among the guests.  It is also much easier to clean up one room when they're gone than it is to clean up an entire house.  For one thing, you can take your time doing it!  Or one fell swoop, a maids service or professional cleaning crew. 

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