Sunday, October 30, 2016


Before you start speed dialing for money, let me add some needed clarification:  it was four out of five numbers on the Fantasy Five.

Scene:  living/dining room Murphy household.  Richie is seated at the dining room table reading the newspaper.  Nina is crossing the room to go to the kitchen for more coffee.

Richie: " Hey!  I won on the lottery!"
Nina (not missing a beat)  "So - dinner in San Francisco tonight?"
Richie, warm chuckle, "Not exactly - it was four out of five."
Nina:  "How much?"
Richie:  "$431."
Nina:  "We could still do San Francisco ..."
Richie waves  a dismissive hand and picks up the Sports section.

Yes, I agree that having $400+ fall into your pocket is a nice thing.  But:  if you consider the history, by my calculations, the California Lottery owes Richie another $35,969.

My thinking:

Richie bets $20 a week.  Times 52 weeks that is $1,040 per year times 35 years (the length of time I've known him) for a grand total of $36,400 bet. 

Am I right or what? 

National Cat Day update:  Richie gave the cats new catnip on their old scratching pads.  They seemed content enough.  But now that we've had this $431 windfall, don't tell them - I won't blow $240 on an automatic toilet for them. 

On the other hand, if the California Lottery pays Richie back the $35,969 owed, I might consider it.  And Richie might spring for two dinners in San Francisco.

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