Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Shorts

East Coast
Richie's brother Charlie of Huntington, Long Island, reports they had 28 in. of snow so far.  Son Bryan is out in his pick-up with the snow plow making money.  He has a contract with a big supermarket to clear their parking lot.  Whatever he's paid, it's worth it because the job starts during the middle of the night.

West Coast
My sister sent me a photo of a window and a vista of falling snow.  The caption said that it was lovely seeing the snow -- from Hawaii.  They are in Maui.

Something New for the Oscars
I have never been a fan of The Cinema so who wins what is a matter of utter disinterest to me.  Back in the day though they were a big deal to my posse (Crazy Suzanne, Patty the Lawyer, Louise the Tease et al) because we would gather, amply supplied with bottles and bottles of wine and proceed to watch avidly -- for:  who was drunk on their butt or high on drugs; who was wearing the worst dress; who needed to wash their hair, the merriment was wonderful!

Now, though separated by distance, we all know a new attraction has been added to our viewing pleasure - shots of empty seats that once held black behinds, bitter statements from the likes of Quincy Jones, Jada Pickett-Smith; accusations leveled at Chris Rock for remaining as emcee of the program ...  The films themselves often disappoint, but never the attendees.

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