Friday, January 15, 2016

A May-December Romance or Lolita Re-Visited?

Singer Celine Dion has long been popular; said popularity leading up to a long-term performance  contract at a Las Vegas hotel/casino.  She has always portrayed her love  and dependence on husband/manager Rene Aguilar.

In mid-December, they celebrated their 21st anniversary together.  Meanwhile Rene has been suffering from a 2000 diagnosis of throat cancer.  Two days short of his 74th birthday, he died. 

The article gave ages and I got out the calculator - Rene's age at death 73; minus 21st anniversary meant that he was 52 when they married.  Her current age is 47, minus 21, makes her 16 when she married him. 

They had met four years prior, when she was 12 and her parents urged him to represent her as her manager. 

Clearly things are different in Canada. 

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