Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sometimes Turning the Other Cheek Requires Major Neck Surgery

Our 1st Amendment provides us with the ability to use free speech to put out any damned lie, biased bullshit and outright lunacy we want to spew.    Fair enough.  We aren't Communists or Shiites or whatever.   No one should be punished for making an opinion known despite the loathsomeness of some of the messages.  .

However, that said, there are groups and individuals whose opinions are nauseatingly repugnant to most of the rest of us.

A case in point is a group of about 40 "extended family members" (read:  incestuous) in the Phelps family who describe themselves as members of the Westboro Baptist Church.  It should be immediately noted that the great body of genuine Baptist churches decry their actions just as much as most of us do. 

Here is a short list of items the Westboro loonies decry:
Gays of any stripe

Most loathsome of all is their mission which is to show up at funerals and tell the mourners that whoever it was that died, deserved to die.  However, they are idiots viz a viz this:  Phelps daughter put out a Twitter notice that they would be picketing Steve Jobs funeral.  On an iPhone.

They picketed a store in Topeka, KS (unfortunately for Topeka, that's their headquarters) because it was selling a brand of Swedish vacuum cleaners!  The Westboros thought the store was promoting homosexuality because a Swedish pastor - in Sweden - was gay-friendly. 

  They're coming to a town very near us - Redondo Beach, in fact.  They plan to picket Redondo Union High School's gay club at 7 a.m. on Monday, January 11th.  There is hope for us all if a high school is the best audience they can dig up. 

Of some note (but not much) they consider that Obama, Satan and the late Pope  Benedict are/were a triad of the Anti-Christ.  I had always thought it was Bill and Hillary Clinton!  My bad. 

Anyhow, if you're local and you commute to your job - avoid PCH next Monday.

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