Saturday, January 23, 2016

Making A Left Turn

The nerve affected is my right arm and hand which is my dominant hand.  With it trussed up like a calf after being roped, it isn't much use.

However, nothing wrong with my left hand and arm.

Things that I can't do very well  left handed:

Brush my teeth with either manual or electric toothbrush and I'm sticking to "I can't wipe the mirror off with this hand."

Use a dinner knife with any kind of grace or dignity.  Grip it like pole, teeth pointing down and saw.

Carry much of anything bulky - whatever has to have a handle like a shopping bag.

Write or print. 

Handle eye make up - safe enough with a dot of soft blue eyeliner, but attempting mascara would be begging for trouble.   Putting on lipstick in a moving car.  They really should fix some of the potholes around here.

What I can do that I couldn't before: 

Very nearly cross my fingers, a conversational tool previously.

Snap my fingers - a signal to Fred the cat to "Get down!" 

Use a lighter one-handed.

This is only post-op four days and so far so good.

My sister, age 67, uses her left hand since birth as I will be using my right again soon and I asked her how the hell does she do it?

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