Sunday, February 22, 2015

"The Ladies of the Westchester Elks"

Or why old fund-raising cookbooks are such fun.  Apparently this compilation of members' recipes comes after previous projects to raise money for the Elks various programs -- parking lot sales, dinner dances, the ever-popular luau and soup mix gift jars. 

Each segment starts with a page of "Helpful Hints."  Sample:  "For a big improvement in calves liver - after saute-ing it, add a little white vinegar and cook one additional minute."  My personal belief is that you can improve the hell out of it by never cooking it in the first place, but that's me.

On page 30, the good ladies roam rather far afield from cooking with advice on how to bring up Baby.  In case you have one of them sitting around your house, help yourself.

Keeping the Baby's bottle warm while traveling - put the warm bottle in a wide-mouthed thermos and put the lid on.

To teach Baby how to put on shoes - put a mark in the right shoe (but not the left) and presumably a mark on Baby's right foot - and before you know it, the Baby will be thudding across the floor in shoes.

Birthday party with lots of kids?  Put Baby in a brightly-colored outfit so Baby is easily findable. 

This does touch upon cooking and recipes somewhat - use cornstarch instead of baby powder.  Just don't pour milk on Baby and start whipping it.

Who Knew?
Fundraising Cookbooks by Morris Press.  Your group wants to make money?  So does theirs.  Collect the recipes and they'll print it.  I am thinking that perhaps the Thurs. Writers might have a cookbook in them ... none of us look like we've missed many meals.  Food for thought, eh?

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