Friday, February 27, 2015

Communication Confusion

Minutes ago, Richie popped his head into the office, carefully keeping his body  outside in the hall - it is heart-warming to see him obeying my rule:  If I am sitting here typing, go away.  He knows well that he can interrupt me only for a fire or any accident that renders him lying on the floor actively bleeding.

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  He wanted to tell me that "Doctor Spock" was dead.  "Doctor Spock" means to me Benjamin Spock, MD, the expert on all things re baby care.

I said, mildly, that he'd surely had a good run for his money - "How old was he anyhow?"  and Richie said "Eighty-three." 

It wasn't until I came upstairs and opened AOL that I realized Richie meant the Star Wars character.  Making sure of my previous statement I googled "my" Dr. Spock.  He died March 15, 1998.

A picture is worth a great many words. 

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