Wednesday, February 18, 2015

At the Naziville Supermarket

As a Francophile (blood and choice) I haven't forgotten Germany's treatment of the Jews.  I have an extremely long memory.  Thus, a German equals "a Nazi" to me.  

Which brings us to yesterday's excursion to Alpine Village which is a long-standing complex of restaurant, café, supermarket, chapel, beer hall, antiques, and a swap meet.   We took Richie's brother and his wife for a sauerbraten lunch and then toured the supermarket.

It is largely imports from Germany as well as Alpine Village-created sausages and hot dogs and other meat products.  Richie bought six hotdogs ($9.78) and a pound of German potato salad ($8.76.)  After a taste, I was amazed at the amount of vinegar that must have been lavished on when the potatoes emerged and drained.  I tasted two things - vinegar and the mealy texture of the potatoes themselves. 

Previously, we'd purchased liqueur-filled chocolates but they'd switched out that brand and I had to content myself with pralines and Teacher's Scotch chocolates.  Instead of the thin liquid usually found inside, they are stockier with a heavy, creamy interior.  ($4.99)

Richie was browsing in the wine department which was heavy on the Riesling.  He found a bottle of Sour Cherry Wine ($6.95) which we bought just to see what it tasted like.  Studying the label at home, the cherries and the wine are products of Ukraine!

Funniest of all to me was a box of German Pretzel Mix - just like any box cake, you add oil and water and follow the instructions.  ($4.99)  Kathi, the brand, was founded in 1951 and the third generation has continued the business. 

Germans are often thought to have a certain precision in their products/inventions and pretzel mix is no different.  The raw dough that has risen for 30 minutes is then given a food-grade lye wash AND THE LYE IS INCLUDED IN THE MIX.   

I expect to be vending pretzels at Dodger Stadium when the season opens.  $4.99 buys the mix that makes 10 pretzels, so $4 per finished pretzel .. Lord, how the money rolls in!

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