Monday, February 2, 2015

Introducing A New Feature

I came across an old piece of work of mine and was so amused that I decided to use it again.  Writers are not wasteful of original material.

AQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER  1-21 - 2-19, 2015

Genuinely crazy or just light-hearted, these people are the experimenters -- in bizarre combinations of drugs, alcohol and experimental living arrangements such as the extended harem.  First to try anything new, they find everything interesting.  The men look like women and vice versa, that's how mixed up this sign is.  They are not fussy about their sexual preferences - anything still living.  They have an instinctive ability to get along with patients in mental hospitals.  They are airheads, totally unaware of responsbility or duty.  An Aquarius would rather give you money than to loan it to you.  But good luck getting the money out of these cheapskates.  Examples are Ronald Reagan and Jack Lemmon.

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