Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brace Yourselves Pisces

Open season on you starts tomorrow - 2/20 and the ordeal will be over on 3/20.


Creative and artistic, careless about the future, Pisces go through life bland and uncaring, just following the flow.  Often drunk because they love anything liquid, they have no real grasp on reality.  (Ed. note drunks are rarely alert.)

A Pisces was the first to say, "Someday my ship will come in!" and he has been at the pier ever since.  Often too sensitive to live, they commit suicide.  (Ed. note  remember the drunk thing.)

They have slow metabolisms, poor eating habits and are accident prone.  They do enjoy sex - anyone, anytime, any where. 

They are born actors and can switch from tears as big as golf balls to smiles as wide as a billboard in a nanosecond.

Famous Pisces - Elizabeth Taylor and Ted Kennedy (proving the sex thing to be absolutely true.) 

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