Monday, August 12, 2013

Wow'em in Coach

Make your own 1st class amenities kit.  You'll save money and earn envious looks while occupying Steerage or as it's better known "Coach.". 

What brings this up?  At yesterday's jazz club meeting, I won a 1st class amenities kit in the raffle.  These little surprise kits have always intrigued me.  I love poking around and making discoveries - "Oh!  This is the toothbrush! Look how cunning - it folds in half!"

Yes, well I am easily amused.

And I'm also cheap.  Here's how to make your own, based on what I fished out of this one, a soft grey color with navy accents, which is well padded and could be used as a neck pillow during the flight. 

First get a smallish toiletry kit that zips open and shut and has two compartments when unzipped and lying flat.  This one which is approximately 4 in. wide by 7 1/2 in. deep has a short ribbon attached to a clothes hangar crook so it can be hung on the shower rod or a door knob.  

Unzipping the right side, I find:
A tiny box of perhaps three tissues
A similar sized box of mints
Ear plugs
Escents Mojito lip balm, lime and peppermint flavored
Sleep mask
Escents Verve hand and body lotion with bergamot and honey
A folding plastic comb
A silvery colored ball point pen, designed to look like the body of an airplane in the sky - little round passenger windows.
(Escents -

Unzipping the left hand side now::
Escents Rejuvenating cleansing cloth (grapefruit and bergamot)
A pair of dark grey, knee-high fuzzy socks
A tube of Crest toothpaste  .85 oz. Don't bring a big tube.
A short, dark blue plastic toothbrush with a head guard.

I am no stranger to amenity kits for this reason:  10  years ago, when Richie still worked for a Major American Airline (MAA) if a passenger didn't want theirs and left it behind on the plane, he would give it a warm welcome and a new home.  (The airlines can't re-gift them.)   There is a box under the house with 56 MAA amenity kits in it.  Uh, if you're too lazy to make your own, contact me -- we could maybe do a deal ...


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