Sunday, August 11, 2013

Purely By Accident, I Assure You

I blame the Redondo Beach library.  The book I picked up was not labeled "Christian Murder Mystery" nor was it in a special section entitled Religious Fiction.  It was right there among all of the other books.

The storyline is:  an FBI agent, Paul Falcon, meets and falls in love with a woman named Ann Silver, who is a Midwest Homicide Investigator.  Together, they set off to find a female assassin who, after killing 30 people for hire, wants to turn herself in, but only under specific conditions. 

Along about page 50, Falcon muses about his deep commitment to religion which sent up a warning flag in my mind.  Later on as the case and their courtship progresses, I was to become educated in the ways of a Christian romance (she was just as godly.)  I found it best just to skip over those passages.  I have my own religion and it isn't theirs.

I'm on page 395 of a total of 473 and have learned that this couple; (he's 40, she's 39:

Drinks only cold soda or a cup of hot chocolate.  Alcohol is never mentioned.

Despite discussing a possible marriage, their only physicality has been:  holding hands while walking her black Lab; a peck on the top of the head (him to her), several hugs (Oo la la!)  and a kiss - singular. 

No one in the entire cast, including police officers, has so much as muttered, "Damn!"

He prays to God; she has conversations with "Loverly" her pet name for God.  This alone nearly caused apoplexy in this reader.  I firmly believe that it's one thing to pray to God.  But if you think God is answering back and actually engaging in a personal conversation with you, you're bat shit crazy. 

The only joking remarks are gentle teasing.  "Amusing" or "cute" is when the dog snubs her for leaving him with a neighbor yet again. 

If this is "Christian living," count me out.  Why they all aren't dead of boredom (and too much hot chocolate) is a mystery to me.  This book read like science fiction to me and that's a full disclosure.

"Full Disclosure" by Dee Henderson   Bethany House   473 ppages   $22.99

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