Friday, August 16, 2013

A Long History

A man named B. F. Trappey worked for the family that either created Tabasco or stole it from Trappey, depending on who is telling the story.  One of B.F.'s granddaughters is a woman named Mary Trappey Domingue who is the mother of Stephen Domingue.

Huh? you say?  Stephen is the owner-chef of the Ragin' Cajun, a well-known and loved local restaurant.   The restaurant flourished for many years and then when the lease was up, the property owner refused Stephen and gave the property to his own son.

Now homeless, Stephen entered into a deal for an El Segundo property and when that fell through, took to the streets in the Ragin' Cajun food truck.  His truck(s) became the local Next New Thing and he was winning contests left and right.

Most recently, he found a property and a new deal.  He partnered with the owners of the very successful Suzy's, one of the few places in town with live music most nights.

The official opening was lunch last Monday, but it took us until Thursday to get there.  

I sense a new product coming online for Stephen and it is Ragin' Cajun label sauces.  I noticed the bottles on every table and we had a taste test using our hushpuppies as bits of bread.

The  Ragin' Cajun Garlic Sauce contains 8 oz. of the sauce, 2 oz. of which is squeezed garlic.  But I didn't get the heavy garlic taste you'd expect with that much garlic.

The Ragin' Cajun Raspberry-Chipotle Sauce was faintly sweet and went well with my fried crawfish.  8 oz.

The Ragin' Cajun Chipotle Sauce was satisfyingly smoky with a little snap! after taste.  

The sauces are shown on the Website ( and I would imagine that Stephen has made some kind of a deal with Trappey's to bottle and market them.  Keep an eye on the Website for when the prices are posted because these three bottles as a gift pack would make a very good and unusual Christmas gift.  Especially if the recipient lives in a cold climate.  "Warm up - hug a Cajun!"      

Ragin Cajun/Suzy's is located at 1141 Aviation, Hermosa Beach  310-379-6171

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