Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buying TicketsOn The Doomed Express

We planned back at the end of June to go to London in September and to accept the very gracious invitation of friends to visit them in the north of England, the Dales country.

Today - August 7th - Richie announced we would be "discussing the trip."  You should know that I've already found the hotel, booked us non-revenue with a Major American Airline (MAA), looked up the relevant directions for getting from Heathrow to said hotel as well as figuring out the trains to the north and back.  Additionally, we both poured over at least seven different British tour guides and Richie got out a big stack of maps.

Since MAA didn't look promising, I looked up British Air and their flights and prices.

After all of this, we're going to "discuss our trip."  Never mind that Richie has already quartered London - "And see the Eye is here, right across the Thames from the ... so we could do this, that and some of this on Tuesday..."

What this "discussion" meant was:  let's buy the tickets and book the hotel.  

Since plane tickets are a Big Ticket Item to me (not yet being a millionaire nor even a thousand-aire for that matter) I wanted to go to LAX to the British Air counter, hand them the Advantage Miles credit card and have them hand me our tickets.

I have another card which is ONLY used online, but I can't get miles with B of A (or much else, for that matter) but I really wanted the miles, which considering  the final price of the tickets, could possibly send us around the world in Business.

After circling the Tom Bradley Int'l parking lot for 35 minutes, looking for a parking spot, we finally found one.  Then it was off to cross the street from the parking lot to the terminal.  This involved dodging drivers from foreign parts who clearly don't have luxuries such as traffic lights in their home countries.  I had a riveting moment with what I believe to have been a Russian cab driver.  Happily he was off the vodka during working hours and we both escaped damage.

At the counter, a rather bored, busty blonde lady listened listlessly to the flights I wanted and then told me that it's cheaper to go online and buy them.  Since it wouldn't have productive to further bore her with the details, I said, "Well, I was quoted (figure)" and she clicked around on her computer and announced the Buy Them Now price which was double what I'd been quoted online.

We left, came home and I got it done in a  little over 10 minutes.  Cyberspace is taking over.  All of the bored busty (or not) agents are soon going to be out of jobs.  Hey!  I tried to do my part!

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