Friday, August 9, 2013


In an effort to lessen the weight of my enormous purse* and the futility of taking my driver's license to England, I've decided to try an experiment. 

I am going to get a sandwich-sized, zip lock baggie for money and credit cards, medical insurance card and an Rx refill.

I will leave the billfold itself at home.  It is fat with things I won't need - Redondo Beach Library card; AA ID (flying British Air,)  AAA card, California insurance card,  membership card for the jazz club, certificate to do CPR and AED/infant CPR. 

I can also leave behind my CERT and Beach Cities Health District IDs.  They hang from a lanyard and I keep them in my purse for the monthly case conferences.

My passport and credit cards will do fine as ID.  Because Richie carries our passports in his money belt, I will take the little tag ID that comes with a new passport, too.  But not my keys.  Anything they could unlock is here. 

Pounds lighter, I shall positively flit - nearly airborne - around London!  

* How big is my purse?  The other day I was digging around in the bottom for my keys and an annoyed-looking German Shepherd hopped out.     

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