Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marketing From Beyond the Grave

Dale Cox, Jr. a long-time Thurs. Writer, had celebrated his 92nd birthday well before he died on June 25th.  Vainly, we all searched for an obituary which finally appeared at the mortuary Website. 

Then in mid-August we received an invitation to his memorial, to be held at the house, no less.  We were both touched that while we are known qualities, we were still included!  Usually, our reputations preclude an invitation.  We would be much more likely to get a mass card or equivalent well after the event. 

The invitation was quite ornate - heavy paper stock, curlicue writing, a color headshot of the late author inside and another color photo on the back that shows Dale in a flight jacket and jump suit against a flaming orange sunset or dawn (depending on your mood) and the words "Now Hear This - Dale Cox."

It wasn't until we had arrived, greeted the widow and were moving through the people that I spotted a stack of Dale's books.  The cover of the newest was the photo on the back of the invitation!  Dale, always a man who planned ahead no doubt ordered this himself.  He was very much the type to have planned his own memorial -- and advertised his third and newest tome on the back of the invitation!

For myself, I was touched that he'd left orders with one of his sons to "Make sure Nina gets a copy of this book."  A posthumous gift, to be sure.  And then I realized what should have been apparent to me long before -- Dale knew damned well there was no way I wouldn't review "Now Hear This" in this column!  Marketing from beyond the grave - I have to shake my head in awe of his genius.

I've already heard many of the stories as he read them for critique first at the South Bay Writers Workshop (.com).  I'd like to read the entire book before reviewing it for you.  

You know it will get a rave review, don't you?  My way of crediting an inventive and creative man.      

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