Monday, March 4, 2013

This Is Not the Way to Equality

It's racism, pure and simple.  I am referring to an article in today's Daily Breeze, page A11.

The headline is:  Historically Black College/University Fair (a phrase repeated four more times in the body of the article) to be held at El Camino College. 

The apparent purpose of this fair is for black students to learn about transfers to prominent historical black colleges, among them Howard University and Morehouse College.

The article continues, "Later this month, as a general transfer fair" which clearly translates as "all other colors come to the second fair." 

Why do these two fairs have to be held separately?  What's the purpose other than to intimidate ALL of the students.

Can you even begin to imagine the hue and cry if the word "white" was substituted for "black"?

That's why racism - on all hues of the color spectrum - is despicable.  I wish people would calmly sit down, wherever they may be - on a park bench, in a bus stop, on a subway, look about themselves and realize:  Hey, these are all real people, just like me -- we're all humans here, no matter the color of our skins.  We aren't separate versions of various skin colors.  The common denominator is:  we're all human beings.  So no more labels for "black this" and "black that."  No matter how often black people demand this separation.  That's racist.

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