Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Yankee Doodle Pin-Stripe Mustang Convertible

(Sorry - tilt your head)
This is #6 in a series of only 60.  The California plate is:  6 of 60

This commemorative car and its siblings (?) were only sold in New York state via Ford dealerships of which there were 62, but only 60 cars available.  I guess they worked that out in a New York minute!  (Sorry, couldn't resist but should have.) 

We were at the jazz club.  I'd gone out for a cigarette and was admiring the ocean and another lovely day.  A man came out the jazz club door, walked up to the passenger-side door, clicked it open, put something on the seat then shut and locked the door again.  "Ha-hah!"  I thought, "That must be the owner." 

I made eye contact and told him that I'd shot a couple of pictures for the blog that I write.

He waved that off.  "People take pictures of it alla the time -- I'm going down the freeway, 'nother car pulls up aongside of me, slows... down comes the passenger window and out comes the cell phone.  I'm used to it." 

He went on, "I hadda fly to New York 'cuz they were only sold there and then drive it back to California -- you gotta problem with dat?" in a mock growl.  I grinned and said, "I gotta a husbin' born in Brooklyn -- you gotta problem with dat?"

He grinned at my audacity and said, succinctly, "Longue Eye-land."  I nodded and said, "He grew up on Long Island - Huntington."  He nodded.

He started to put a quarter in the parking meter and I said helpfully, "You can park for free in the bank lot" gesturing toward my right. "But I can't see it from the club and there's a lot of Angel fans." he said darkly. 

Hearing about the car auction, flying to New York, probably having to drive to a specific dealership, buying the car and then driving it to California -- and then to be terrified to leave it on the street where you can't see it?  That's a New York kind of thing.  They understand it.  The rest of us never will.

My chief concern now is that Richie the Ardent Dodger Fan will take it into his head to take his 4Runner into One Day Paint for a Dodger touch up. 

Photo sidewise because while I changed it inside the computer, am working from the disc which didn't change it.

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