Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Brits Are Here!

Clearly Rupert Murdoch isn't the only Brit entering our shores.  I just met a new news magazine when it arrived at our front door (not in a reed basket, but the mailbox.)

It's called The Week ( and is a condensed version of what transpired during the past week.  Jolyon Connell started The Week in 1995 when he departed Fleet Street as a reporter to become a publisher.  What makes it different from Time or Newsweek is the fact that all of the news reports reflect a variety of views.  Opening it at random, I found an article entitled "Bin Laden:  Does Obama's boasting cross the line?"  

No less than six different reporters contributed to this story.  And there are evenly-divided number of them on either side - three "Yes, he did" and three "No, he didn't." In today's totally slanted media, this is a new and delightful way to get the unbiased news. 

Health & Science, People, and the Arts - books, film, music, television - take up about half of the back pages.  The Consumer section covers a car review, best Mother's Day gifts, the tip of the week (how to remove various stains) and For Those Who Have Everything, there is this:  the MagicBath baby hot tub which has 10 air jets pumping out bubbles plus  underwater LEDs that give "chromatherapy" by turning blue, indigo and violet in cycles.  The baby lies in this contraption until six months old, then sits in it.  $2,186 from an Italian firm,  I can't recommend anything like that because babies+water+electricity doesn't make any sense, let alone good sense to me. 

Since I cancelled the subscription to Newsweek for their overwhelming Vote For Obama! stance every single week, The Week might prove to be a very enjoyable substitute.

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