Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not A Lot Left...

After Camelot, A Personal History of the Kennedy Family - 1968 to the Present" by J. Randy Taraborrelli   Grand Central Publishing   602 pages   $29.99

Looking at the third generation of Kennedys, there seems not a lot to build upon.  Old Joe, however not squeaky clean he was in business or his personal life at least seemed to have plenty of energy.  He instilled this go-get-em in his and Rose's kids (or else they were all born with Attention Deficit Disorder)  and by and large, the third generation has turned energy into arrogance and entitlement.  "Do you know who I am?"  "I'm a Kennedy, I can do as I please."  Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg seems to be the only one to have behaved and made something of herself.  John was a screw-up, very much his own man; messy, careless and spoiled.  Sometime's it's not a good thing to be adored.

Taraborrelli covers a great deal of material in the ensuing 44 years after 1968, but he also re-shovels old dirt.  No wonder the book is 602 pages. 

Copies are rarely as good as the originals and it's true of today's Kennedys, Shrivers and Smiths.  From Joe and Rose Kennedys marriage in 1914 to 2012, it's been a downhill road in only 98 years.  What's that old saying?  First generation makes the money, the second guards it and the third generation blows it. 

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