Thursday, May 24, 2012


Recently I tried a new ingredient in potato salad.  Normally I used boiled potatoes, sweet pickle relish and chopped onion, plastered together with mayonnaise.  That day, when I'd drained the hot potatoes and put them in a bowl, I added about a quarter cup of pickled jalapeno "juice" as well as a quarter cup of chopped, pickled jalapeno slices.  The jalapenos gave an appealing warmth to the cold salad.

"If it works in potato salad, what about mashed potatoes?" I wondered last night.  They were great with a pork loin roast and honey-ed carrots!*

Garlic-mashed, garlic-smashed potatoes, scoot over!  You're about to get company!

* Honey-ed Carrots
Double handful of baby carrots steamed and drained.
Throw a pat of butter and a squeeze of honey onto the carrots, toss and serve. 

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