Sunday, November 13, 2011

Talking Turkey

This is the time of year that you can score big savings on things you use all-year round. Our supermarket traditionally has "Buy 10 for $10" tags on: Campbells Cream of Mushroom soup; Swanson chicken/beef/vegetable broth.

But today's Target section has even lower prices! Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup - 59 cents! French's French-fried onions - 6 oz for $2.79 and I seem to remember $3.95 at the supermarket. Swanson broths - 59 cents a can.

I am thinking of buying a three dish buffet server (Target $27) because I despise cold food and our guests traditionally are in no hurry to be the first at the table. It drives me wild! This model looks to have steel "dishes" which presumably I could put in the oven and cook such as the green bean casserole or the roasted Brussel sprouts with caroway and either the dressing or the candied yams.

After I've seen how big it is, I may also purchase a white porcelain gravy boat (Target $5) but gravy boats are often unwieldy... maybe with a small ladle...

And, to save some calories on the lush feast, baste your turkey in chicken broth -- it works as well as butter and assures you of having enough "juice" to make lots of gravy. I do think gravy should be a separate (and exalted) food group of its own.

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