Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Presents for Geeks

Yesterday a catalog from X-Treme Geek came wafting to our shores, born in on a tide of Christmas catalogs. You, too, can see the marvels I'm about to describe at

Karate Cookies - a trio of cookie cutters in various karate poses. $9.95 Now you can give your gingermen some punch!

Clothespin Chopsticks - imagine a 9 in. long, thin clothespin - Yep, you got it! $9.95

What do the Japanese do with their splintered baseball bats? They turn them into re-usable chopsticks with a suitable carrying bag. $29.95

Coffee Fiend? Starbucks Junkie? Start your morning by showering with Costic's Caffeinated Soap! It's peppermint scented as an additional wake-you-up bonus. 4.5 oz. bar $5.95 "Topically-applied caffeine is thought to be effective in reducing skin cancers as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite. "

Hmmm, save myself %5.95, take the cold leftover breakfast coffee and wash my face and rinse my behind! Do-able and I'm not even a Geek.

The Ultimate in Fastidiousness - Poop Freeze. Love your dog, but dread his, uh, output? Spray the steaming mass with this product and it instantly creates a -62 degree crust, making disposal that much less Eewwwww. 10 oz. can $12.95

Change your look with Fingerstaches! These are small moustache-shaped decals that you attach to your index finger then hold your finger across your upper lip. 19 styles - Fu Manchu? old West bandit? Only $4.95

Be the hit of the party as Rasta Santa! The traditional red Santa hat, trimmed in white (faux) fur which sits on -- not your hair -- but a pile of white dreads! Santa goes Island on us! $19.95

First we put them on our pets; then we bought them for our car side windows. Finally, you yourself can proudly sport reindeer antlers with little ears and tufts of brown marabou at the horns' base. $7.95

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