Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Scarlett O'Hara Politicians (Editorial)

In "Gone With the Wind," Scarlett repeatedly dismisses a problem by saying, "I won't think about it now; I'll think about it tomorrow."

Given their behaviors, our Congress needs their copies of "GWTW" pulled from their hands and burned. Now the Super Committee is aroar about budget cuts and their thinking seems to be, "Oh, let's let it take effect in 2013 when everyone will have forgotten about it." This is an old scenario, we recently went through it when our credit rating got lowered.

Budgeting should be no surprise. Dudes! It didn't just fly in the window yesterday afternoon! Why can't politicians Be Prepared, as Boy Scouts are said to be? Is there no one in those august bodies capable of calendaring coming events?

This is only another opportunity for the po9ls to strut and pontificate in front of the cameras. Full of sound and fury, of course, but completely devoid of meaning.

If given the chance to do so, I would yell at the House and Senate, "Pull your thumbs out and get with it!"

My slogan for next year? "Never Vote for an Incumbent! (Throw the bums out!)"

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