Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Most Unlikely Appetizer
(from Alpine Village, Torrance) - a Reuben Spring Roll. Corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese in a spring roll wrapper, deep-fried and served with 1000 Island dressing as the dip.

Spry magazine points out that holiday meals are often served mid-afternoon or earlier or later than one's usual dinner hour. This can be tough on diabetics. Healthful snacks include nuts, whole grain crackers and/or fresh vegetables - no fatty dip! A vinaigrette might work well instead.

Caveat Emptor
Yesterday's mail brought the Joie de Vivre catalog. This company sells authentic French canned and bottled foods, dry products such as dishes, cups, soaps, doormats, charm bracelents -- in short: everything to give an American the idea he/she is in France.

One item is the brand Amora; another is SaVoRa, both mustards. I have seen both in French supermarkets and they are inexpensive there. Amora is $6.95 for a 15.5 oz. jar. Savora is $9.95 for 13.6 oz.

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