Sunday, November 27, 2011

Shoppers: Savages vs. the Civilized

BLACK FRIDAY Shoppers: mace, gun fire and that poor, poor man who died on a store floor. And the shoppers merely stepped carefully around him! How's THAT for cold?

"W" Magazine Shoppers: "W" is an offshoot of Womens' Wear Daily, the go-to-mag for schmatta makers and fashionistas the world over. Yesterday, their Christmas catalog appeared along with the December issue.

Here are some of the items listed. Naturally I picked the high-end stuff.
Tod's travel bag, $32,000
Patek Phillipe 18k white gold and diamond watch on an alligator strap. Tacky - never diamonds and alligator! - $54,700
Cascade flip-flops - $525
A "Bleu Nature" stool which looks like your average log encased in plexiglass $5,998
A Gucci headband for your toddler-girl's hair - $220*
Baby Dior t-shirt - $288*
Burberry children's jacket - $423*
Balmain one-piece swimsuit - $730
Lanvin dress - all pleaty like a Fortuny gown in the '20s - $9,360

These are mail order purchases! The only information given is: a photo of the article, maker, price and either a phone number or a Website to visit to put in your order.

* Do you have any idea of the speed with which a kid can lose an article or grow out of it?

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