Monday, November 14, 2011

Sounded Good in Theory, But the Reality...

Yesterday afternoon we met Bob and Pat (Brodsky) at the monthy jazz club. As always I expect an adventure there that I can write about, but, alas! It was nice to hear the latest scholarship musician, who looked to be about 13, play the piano so well, but ... not on a par with the great saga of the black woman and the encounter there.

Afterwards we sashayed over to Hudson House, PCH, RB (previously reviewed) for a bite. Pat has been hungering for sauerkraut of late and when she spotted "Turkey and Brie Reuben with sauerkraut and 1000 Island dressing" she ordered it. It did look good so I did, too. It was nicely presented on one of their traditional square plates. But ... Brie is not the cheese for this and the dressing was a mere daub. The sauerkraut had been washed of all of its salt and while the whole thing was "mild" it just didn't taste like much. The bland got all blurred together.

But I still love Hudson House! And they still have brown sugar ribs on the menu. The lamb meatballs are gone, but there is now lamb on sugar cane skewers or how about a chicken meatball or truffle goat cheese mac with 'shrooms and Shiitake peas. (But goat cheese in mac and cheese? No worries - happily they change their menu from time to time.)

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