Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spare Change in the Sofa Cushions

Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. So the Rio, Las Vegas, has replaced the buffet cashiers with ATM-like machines -- they take cash, credit and/or debit cards.

At the Rio's Sunday champagne brunch, our server couldn't be bothered to refill our glasses so she grabbed a quart-sized water glass and poured the last half of the bottle into the glass!

Sites I like - This is fashion photographer Scott Schuman's blog of people he's photographed on the streets of Manhattan. His book of these photos, published in 2009, took off like a rocket. I took a look just now and I have to say I was horrified by little white sox worn with high-heeled shoes on the ladies. That was a look my aunt Vivian sported -- in 1956. covers food, restaurants, recipes and today's feature is unusual wedding cakes. One garish example had skeletal figures depicting the bride and groom on top of a day-glo rainbow-striped cake. Another cake was shaped into a lighthouse, near the beach and sea.

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