Sunday, September 11, 2011

Glad It's Over...

Commemoration of 911 is a hard one for me. We were in Montauk when it happened. I've covered it before.

As it happened, it was the day of the monthly South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club meeting. The club president asked for a moment's silence and we all complied. Then the band onstage swung into "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" in tribute and they did right -- slow tempo (heading for the burial grounds) and then lively (the walk back to town.) It seemed most appropriate.

There is always something amusing at these gatherings and yesterday was no exception. Two of the members, husband and wife, are both slender and tall; bodies carried as erectly as a flag pole. They love to dance! He was wearing suit pants, a pale blue shirt with tie (!) and she was clad in a navy blue pants suit with a jacket, sharply nipped in at the waist. She was also wearing navy and white spectator shoes and all together, the ensemble looked like a zoot suit!

I came upon her scrutinizing the prizes and complimented her on her ensemble. She proudly stuck out a foot and said, "These are specially made for dancing! They've got a really thin sole!"

Gentle Reader, she is in her mid-80s! New dancing shoes! May we all hold up as well as she clearly is doing and bless her heart, while we're at it!

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