Monday, September 26, 2011

Death On Holiday

Proving, once again, that not everything inside a cemetery is sad...

"Wanna See A Picture of My Plot?"
Palm City, FL - Hundreds of cemetery plot owners are selling them to improve their personal cash flow. A single goes for $1,000, a double for $3,000 and a family plot for up to $50,000. Richie and his brother Charlie are sitting on a fortune! Their late father bought 20 plots and only eight of them are in use.

"But, But -- I Brought Flowers For Granma!"
Royal Palm Beach, FL - Our Lady Queen of Peace cemetery reported that 61 brass flower vases have been stolen from graves. The thief (since arrested and charged) wanted $14,000 for them at a local recycling center.

Doritos Transcend Death?
Dallas-Ft. Worth - Dorito Inventor Dies Aged 97 Arch West created Doritos after a family visit to San Diego in 1961. His daughter told the media that before the dirt is added to cover his urn, the family plans to drop in some Doritos in his honor. (And to provide a snack for his duration in the Great Hereafter? ed.)

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