Friday, September 16, 2011

North of the Border In South Redondo

Food & Wine ran a long article on Joe Beef, of Montreal, Canada. It focused on Canadian "comfort" food such as: a grilled cheese sandwich with cheddar cheese, cheese curds and bacon or a "pastrami hot dog" with mushrooms, cheddar and pastrami on a toasted hot dog bun.

Cheese curds are small chunks of just-made cheese that haven't been pressed into a shape. They are soft and creamy and in Wisconsin, where we dined at the "ode to prime rib" place, they are deep-fat fried and served as an appetizer.

And in South Redondo, the Redondo Beach Cafe serves French fries covered in hot cheese curds and brown gravy. They also have a great selection of Canadian smoked meats and make sandwiches accordingly. I've never seen them offered in our supermarkets nor as Trader Joe ever mentioned cheese curds.

So my game plan is to take the magazine in to Redondo Beach Cafe, show it to the co-owner and ask for a grilled cheese sandwich Joe Beef-style and, "Oh, by the way, where can I get me some cheese curds?"

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