Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Modest Proposal

Of late the national media has been overrun by the hue, cry and accusations of "Racist!" Yesterday and the day before, it was Emanuel Cleaver, Chairman of the Congressional Black Cauus asserting that if it were a white sitting president, blacks would be marching on the White House demanding jobs and aid.

Rep. Maxine Waters, D. So. Calif. told reporters recently that the Tea Party members could go straight to hell. She and fellow professional racists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton seem never to have anything good to say about whites. Ugliness, indeed, but America is a free country and all of us can say whatever pops into our heads at that moment.

But: America was designed to be a melting pot; accepting and assimilating whoever shows up on America's front porch. Clearly this is not happening and here is what we all, black, white, brown and every shade in between, might consider doing about it.

Ignore the publicity for special interest groups and events. The media wants to celebrate Black History Month, let'em. Whites, Mexicans, Asians don't have to pay any attention at all. Nor do any of us have to celebrate Cesar Chavez Day, Martin Luther King Day, or Buddha's Birthday. Hit "delete" on your computer keyboard and erase AOL's "Black Voices" and "Latino."

If you, personally, want to make note of any of the above, hey, have at it and God/ Jesus/ Mohamma/ Buddha bless your heart!

It is our right and certainly our expectation not to have another's beliefs shoved down our throats and worse still, to be expected to give a hearty, "Here! Here!" about whatever the hell it is.

We were once a nation of what could best be described as "rugged individualists." Today, too many of us are more like sheep. Not a good place to be. Sheep get sheared and some even provide dinner.

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