Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who's On First?

A reference to an old vaudeville skit is applicable to what's going on in the media and our government. It is amusing to watch; the plot twists deliciously.

bin Laden is dead.
He was armed and used a wife as a human shield.
Oops! He wasn't armed, no women were killed but one was winged in the leg.
We will show photos as proof.
No, no we'd better not. We don't want to inflame the Muslim extremists. (Er, excuse me, but didn't we just flat out kill your leader? Not that that should annoy you unduly...we're real glad about it.)

Comes now a "chief staffer" (couldn't find a name for this person) of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee who is complaining bitterly that the code name -- Geronimo -belonged to an honorable man and shouldn't be linked to "scum like bin Laden."

Stay tuned for more of the Washington Follies!

THIS JUST IN - A new theory on why the photo won't be shown: a cousin in Florida said a friend remarked to her that they can't -- bin Laden looks like a piece of Swiss cheese -- all over!

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