Saturday, May 21, 2011

Oddities in the Sky Mall

This is a magazine of Things You Can Buy While Up In the Air, formally known as "Sky Mall."

A garage door screen kit - put up your garage door and don't worry about bugs while you tune the car! Hooks and loops (Velcro) fasten to the jambs and header of the door. Rolls up when not in use. I car garage - $20; 2-car - $40.

Solar color-changing patio lights. They look like 4 or 6 in. globes, solid colors. 13ft. long with an 11 in. lead - $44 I think they'd be funny and should have ordered some.

Stainless steel wallet - micro-thin sheets of steel (normally used in aerospace endeavors) for your billfold! $90

Canine Genealogy Kit - DNA analysis of your dog's blood to see what breeds are included in the dog's ancestery. $60

Weed Whacker Golf Driver - it looks like a wood, but flip the secret lid open and practice your swing as you mow the lawn! Hey, dude... $40

I'm pretty sure you can Google anything that appeals to you...

Coach cocktail solution - I sometimes like a Bloody Mary and it comes as a little bottle of Skye (?) vodka and an aluminum can of Mr. and Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix. In the past, I would make 3 Bloody Marys by judicious measures of vodka and the mix. Today I ordered one, asked the flight attendant if it wouldn't be a better idea to swig down some of the mix, empty the vodka into it and shake it with my thumb over the mix hole and then just keep pouring. She said no one had tried it to her knowledge. So I did and it works very well indeed.

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