Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Amusements

First of all, this is the busiest day for restaurants so if you're taking Mom out for a meal, take a second before you leave the house and pull of up the chosen restaurant's menu. Study it and get an idea of what you want which should cut down on the time you have to spend there, twiddeling your fork, waiting to be served.

While you are waiting (some is inevitable) you might like to try a new drink. It's called the "bin Laden" and it's two shots and a splash.

Tomorrow is also the monthly South Bay New Orleans Jazz Club meeting, held at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 214 Avenue I, Riviera Village. Park in the (free) Wells Fargo parking lot up the street. All ladies in attendance will be given a red rose. Incidentally because Mother's Day traditionally falls on the second Sunday of the month and because the jazz club meets every second Sunday ... Mothers will always have lively music to celebrate!

This struck me as hilariously funny and it ran in this morning's Daily Breeze:
PARENTING WORKSHOP Parent educator J. A. Schweikert will conduct an interactive presentation for all parents desiring a solid parenting plan and better communication with their children. Church of the Nazarene, 700 Maple Avenue, Torrance. Fee is $15, 3 to 5:15 Sunday Call 310-375-0440

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