Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Red's Belt-Busting Breakfasts

Adage: You should breakfast like a King, lunch like a Prince and dine like a pauper. The Irish breakfast is a good example of eating like a king in sheer quantity -- Irish bacon - which is Canadian bacon to us; "streaky bacon" is regular bacon to us -- fried or scrambled eggs, fried potatoes and tomatoes baked beans, white or black blood pudding and cold toast.

Red, however, is not far behind. Using a two burner grill, he cranks out bacon, "stick" sausages (as opposed to sausage patties) and bone-in cut ham along with fried eggs, warm rolls or Thomas English muffins with at least three jams on the table. Real butter on a toasted Thomas muffin is nearly more heaven than I can stand, real butter being a company-only dish here at home.

All of this would satisfy even the most demanding glutton, but I had an addition to the menu to try. I took the previous night's leftover Cajun fries, cut them into dice and heated them up in a Pam-sprayed skillet. Got out the leftover Joe T. Garcia's queso (basically light Velveeta with mild salsa) and when the fries were hot, doused them with queso, put a fried egg on top of my portion and dug in.

In theory this should have been a grand idea -- combining Cajun heat with Tex-Mex hot (basically non-existent)but the reality wasn't as good as imagined. I think it was the fries myself. They weren't that good from the git-go.

Red was relieved they were a dud, too. No additional cooking! The grill only has so much space anyhow!

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