Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Strange Sandwich

Bob Brodsky came back from Palm Springs glowing with enthusiasm for Sherman's Deli. So we tried it. Sherman's is a typical Jewish deli -- chopped liver, herring, sky-high sandwiches and numerous items for dessert.

But they do serve something I'd never heard of (nor thought about doing.) It's "Beef and Latkes." Your choice of either corned beef or pastrami, served on latkes, which are much like our hashbrown patties.

Look closely at the photo -- that's not bread, it's latkes!

Beef and Latkes, $13.95. Richie's pastrami sandwich $11.95. We split a tirimisu, $4.95

Sherman's Deli, 401 Tahquitz Canyon, Palm Springs 760-325-1199

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