Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who Knew?

Richie wants to go out to dinner Christmas Eve. I'm always amenable to a meal out! I looked at the menu for Chez Melange (Robert Bell-Richard Franks mother ship) and immediately saw two things that I'd never heard of and certainly never eaten.

Tomato Nage - this turns out to be a broth flavored with white wine, vegetables and herbs. In short: vegetable broth with a fancy name.

Plugra Butter - "Plugra" is a corruption of the French "plus gras" (more fat) and contains 82% butterfat, not the more normal 80%. Thus you could make Alfredo sauce using only plugra and Parmesan cheese; no need for cream. So said Google at any rate.

Alas, nothing on the menu appealed to me so the quest is still on.

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