Friday, December 31, 2010

I HATE the Rose Bowl Parade (rant)

Consider: This parade routinely draws half a million spectators who discard 65 tons of trash, cost $80,000 in police salaries -- 97% of the Pasadena police force will be on duty at a cost of $200 per man.

Going back into time, there is a Rose Bowl Queen and her Royal Court -- in 2011? Wass up with that?

The floats require 80,000 hours of manpower to build which is the equivalent of 7.42 YEARS in labor on them. Floats cost on average $50,000 and with 46 floats participating that works out to $2.3 million in float costs alone.

Non-commercial floats (like the Boy Scouts of America vs. American Honda) have the joy of paying $3,700 for a parade license. You'd think corporate would get that, not non-commercial. All floats require insurance and have to carry fire extinguishers. Those pesky engines that keep catching fire...

Every year, there is a truck that breaks down. Which is extraorindarily boring because then all of the announcers have to fill dead air by talking and it is rarely interesting or informative.

If the man hours and the costs were deflected into our sad schools or into job training, think how great that would be! I hate waste. The Rose Bowl Parade is a waste of time, money and energy. Bah, humbug.

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